Nov 2, 2010

Ozome Family!

For some fun Halloween festivities, we had a family party on Sunday with a costume parade and chocolate fountain...which we all enjoyed :)

...especially Katelyn... and Ian...ok we all did, it just didn't show up as much on our faces

I wanted to get a few pics of our new puppy Bridger out by the pumpkins...he thought it was a special treat too
Tay made some pretty great awards for all the kids and their costumes...we were awarded "The OZome family" :)
We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz! (can you tell?)
...we even had two wicked witches of the west :)
For some earlier Halloween fun, we went to Grandpa Weights Halloween party and had fun dressing Bridger up in his cute monkey hard to decide on just one costume when he's so cute in them all right?

Had some friends over up in Salt Lake to carve some pumpkins: Alyssa, Kekoa and Lulu Vincent, Steven Atkinson, and Melissa Perrit


  1. I love that little Harry Potter nephew of yours ... he cracks me up! I miss my cute little nephew boy too!

  2. Thanks for having such a fun party! It was fun to get together...