May 3, 2011

Ban an a! Our Minions Fav Food

So our little boy has a funny little quirk where he NEEDs to eat food like a real person, well without utensils and everything. Lately he has been refusing to have food if is cut up and nicely prepared for him. Thus now we feed him a whole banana a day in thirds. Seriously I think that he eats it about as fast as I can. This video contains graphic eating so view at your own risk!

Forgive his pink bib his momma just doesn't think about the issues he may develop later in life.


  1. You're such a good mom Cami! Making him eat the pieces! (I was wondering how much banana he actually ends up eating after the whole fiasco)

  2. Not only is the bib pink, but it has a lace ruffle! Love. It. His lips are ADORABLE!

  3. hahaha! That is so dang funny! It reminds me of Charlotte, she is also OB-SESSED with bananas and gets so happy when she spots them on the counter!
    Love the bib

  4. That is hilarious! Connor is getting that same way with utensils ... he doesn't want me to help in any way and he makes a HUGE mess! :) We miss Baby Bridger!!!