May 21, 2011

First Things First!

 Now that we have two little boys that are born a year and 4 days apart we need to make sure that neither one gets overlooked and they can both have their special days. So here is to you Bridger boy one year older and wiser too, Happy Birthday to YOU.
All kinds of close friends made the trip up from Provo to spend this special day with us and our little monkey.
We even had family from Colorado (Amber) and Oregon (Christine and Debbie) to join in via ichat.

We had a chocolate fountain with bananas to dip (here is Grandpa Richards enjoying the fun)
Grandma Nielson with Bridger

Aubs and I
  Erin, Kimmy, Grace (Erin's little girl), and Cali...they all had so much fun playing together!
...and tadah! Here is the amazing sock monkey cake Tay did...yep, he is a man of many talents!

Bridger's first little cake was not like I expected... He wanted to play with his toys and wanted to get out.
He wasn't sure if he liked it...I think it was just getting closer to bed time. Usually he loves stuffing his face and getting all messy.
 The cutest though was seeing him blowing out his candle. He is good at blowing :)
As always though he was such a good sharer! Here you go daddy!
He was happy to play with the balloons instead
Bridger got all kinds of fun gifts from friends and family...Go Cougs! (thanks Melissa)
Lots of books...he LOVES books :)

 ...talking on the phone...hello?
 He did a great job at opening the presents...he even took the time to read the cards :)

 Bridger (1) and Grandma Colton (91)
The highlight for Bridger was being out of his clothes and just playing with all his new toys. Happy Birthday B-ridge we love you and are so grateful for your fun loving personality and all the joy you bring us everyday!


  1. Happy Birthday Bridger we love and miss you! We wish we could have been there for your big day! BTW I love how my head is all distorted in the picture of me on ichat haha! That's how I roll though ...

  2. Happy Birthday to Bridger! He's such a cute little boy!!