Jul 16, 2011

Happy Two Month Mason!

 So sweet! We love you Mason! Can't believe it's already been 2 months!
 These are the most recent and I love how Mason has been smiling more and more! He is being so interactive and it has been so fun!

 Look at those pretty eyes!

 Mason loves cuddling with Daddy
 look at that chubba!
I'm also surprised by how strong this boy is. This picture was at a month and a half old and he can already handle being in a bumbo for a short amount of time!
 I wanted to add a few pics of Bridger too...what he's been up to in the past couple of months...playing...
 ...having fun...
 ...helping me with laundry...
...and just being as cute as ever! Oh how we love both of our boys :)

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  1. I love both of your boys! They are super cute! Does Bridger get along with Mason? And what does Mason think of Bridger?