Jul 12, 2011

Lake Powell!

 Lake Powell...a beautiful nice relaxing place...ok so not really relaxing now that we have two little ones. In fact, it was pretty tough to be honest, but if you ask me it was worth it. Lake Powell has always been a very nostalgic place for me and I want my kids to feel the same about it someday. Even though Bridger won't remember this trip, it was fun to have him there.
 We set up our family tent and slept there to get away from all my family so Bridger would sleep well (which only worked some of the time). It was fun to have and made me excited for other camping adventures with the fam.
 My niece Taylor holding Mason. We had so much help from family taking care of the boys...thanks so much, we love you all!
 cute cute girls...I love all my nieces!
 Bridger LOVED being on the boat...he loved watching the water sports as well as looking around at the cliffs and water. He was pretty cute watching Tay and I ski or wake surf, etc.  because he was always making sure he could see us after we'd fall.

 Mason also loved the boat as he just slept wonderfully on it from all the rocking :)
 more fam...kimmy and ian (I love his face)

 Kimmy again on the classic yellow sled...showing us her moves of course :)

 I had fun doing Kimmy and Cali's braids. Some day I may have a girl eh?
 Romney, Shelbie, and Taylor on the tube
Here's Tay wake surfing. It was our first time and he was a natural of course.

 The fam...both Bridger and Mason are asleep so you see to very happy parents right here :)
 I loved wake surfing too and hope to do it a lot more ;) ...thanks Brian to taking us out on your boat!

 this picture is pretty funny but Mason was smiling so much and I couldn't get it very well on camera because he wouldn't smile with the camera in his face...he was too fascinated by it...so here I am trying to get him to smile and just clicking blindly away. Mason started smiling so much this week...I love it!
 Bridger has a cousin, Brady who is only a month and a half older than him and they are so cute together and were playing a ton this trip...following each other around in this picture

 Poor Bridger...finally fell asleep! This was his first real nap there. He had a hard time getting used to it all at first and just wanted to play all the time!
 Mason has chosen Jeff as his favorite uncle. We decided this by how many times he has spit on him :)
 Colton, Aly, and Taylor
Tiff, Brian, Mom and Dad. ...thanks for taking us out to Lake Powell!


  1. So you didn't get an invite to the 'stache party and so we don't get an invite to powell?? so unfair!!

    It looks like an awesome trip!! Isn't wake surfing so fun? You two are naturals at anything you try! I love the pic of you and bridger on the boat - you are gorgeous!

  2. crazy how trips become so hard with kids but it looks like it was worth it. It's so hard to sleep with kids in a tent! they are sure sweet and I love their cheeks. good luck moving soon!