Aug 28, 2011

The BIG move!

 Moving was a lot of work but now that we are all settled in up here in Portland, Oregon, it seemed to have all flown by. A big thanks to everyone that helped us watch the kids (mom), help pack, load (thanks Colton and Dad!), drive cars (Debbie and Grandma) and get on our way! Not to mention all the unpacking as well (thanks to all the neighborhood kids too :) We love and appreciate you all!
 Bridger had a lot of fun with the big truck
 Tay driving the big truck the whole 12 hour drive
 unpacking... (we love our place by the to come in the future)
 Bridger was a good little helper :)
 Mason too...he just stared and slept a lot (I love this one of him all sprawled out haha too cute!)
 Thanks to the Grandmas for both being there for us and staying a couple of days out here. We miss you already!