Aug 30, 2011

Seeing the Sights

 While my mom was still in town helping us get settled we went to a few places around Portland to get familiar with the sights... First up: Multnomah falls is gorgeous and a fun hike. We did it last year while we visited Christine and Garrett so it was fun to come back again and this time with my mom (and Mason too :).

 Bridger loves his carrier and feels on top of the world :)
 Mason was also such a good boy and loved tasting his carrier haha

 Here we are at the top of the falls...such a pretty view!

 This is the vista house and the gorgeous view below

 We also went to the Portland temple and walked around and just enjoyed the beautiful day. 

 Bridger wanted to just jump right in. Good thing Taylor was there!

 Christine and Tommy came with us too
 Mt. Hood (that will be a future adventure :)
 ...and just this last weekend we went downtown Portland and saw these fountains so we thought it would be fun to let Bridger play in them. He had a blast! It was pretty fun to watch him. 

 Mason just relaxing and watching Bridger run around too 
We love Portland so far!

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  1. Dearest Cami,
    A few things:
    1. You live in Portland. It's gorgeous! Jealousy is flooding through my veins.

    2. Your babies. They are getting so big and handsome!

    3. Your hair. Cuteness.

    4. That Ezekiel shirt Garrett's wearing in one of your pics. I need it! Where did he get it?

    5. Love ya. Hope you feel at home in Oregon.