Mar 7, 2012


In February we had my mom, Amber, and Connor stay with us for a few days and it all went by too fast! I was sad to see them go, but SO happy they could come up and visit. I really enjoyed spending that time with them. 
Bridger and Connor had fun "playing" together too. It was a lot of me and Amber making sure that they played nice, and sometimes having to keep them separated since they always wanted to play with the same toys, etc., but it was fun to see them interact. Here are some of the more fun moments when they played happy and were distracted doing other fun things...such as eating...
...Playing outside, even in the rain :)
...rub a dub dub, three (boys) in a tub :)
...Going on lots of runs/walks together
...Playing in the park (it took a lot of effort to get this picture haha...just had to add that as a side note)
...and reading a lot of books!
They will be great friends. So cute!
We were also really lucky to have some great weather, with mostly good sunny days, and rain here and there of course...what's Oregon weather without some rain eh? I hope they come and visit again soon! (wink wink ;)


  1. Fun to have visitors! And your boys' furry hats are awesome by the way. They are so cute. And they look so alike. Do people often ask you if they are twins? Mine are also close in age and we get that a lot :)

  2. Love the pictures. Am excited to see the Easter picts update.