Mar 5, 2012

Zoo with Archer

We were having some good weather in January so we went to the zoo with some friends from Tay's school: Michele, Samantha, and her little boy Archer. Bridger usually plays with Archer close to once a week now and with them being the same age, it usually consists of them fighting over toys and Samantha and I being the referees. Although at the zoo, Bridger had so much fun seeing everything with Archer and it was cute to see them playing nice together. 

 It was still pretty chilly so Mason just stayed all bundled up in the stroller and was happy as usual :)

 Here he is petting a sheep and having so much fun trying to poke him in the eye, thankfully he couldn't  quite reach.
 Playing on the cute wooden of Bridgers' favorite features. 
 checking out the animals from the strollers
 playing music with Archer
 cutest boys (if we can just keep them playing nicely together :)

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