Dec 19, 2009

Caroling and Christmas Party

So for a combined FHE, Shane and Alyssa Markham joined us for some caroling to friends and neighbors in our ward. We really had some fun, despite that half of the people we went to weren't home (or maybe they saw us in the window and were scared of our red noses so they didn't answer the door )...either way we had fun singing with our little motley crew. We even had Kita with us (the Markham's dog/child) :)
Ho, ho, ho!

Earlier in the month we also had a little get together for friends and family to visit and enjoy some goodies during the holidays :) Above is Christine with Brody...cute little reindeers!
Shane and Alyssa
Celeste, Rich, and Tay
Here we are playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii... if you ever want to come play, just let us know, we love this game and love playing it with friends. So fun!

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