Dec 28, 2009

Christmas Day!!!

Merry Christmas! Here is our family's classic line up on Christmas morning...
We are so excited!
Some gifts from each other...
and some gifts from the fam...

Having little kids around, makes Christmas so much more exciting! They truly keep the Christmas spirit alive and it's so fun watching them open their gifts! Look at those happy faces!

Jeff and Scott duking it out on the was hilarious to watch...little 2 year old Ian also beat Jeff, but we'll let him use the excuse that he's just a return missionary and isn't used to the wii just yet :) ...also side story...him and his friend got really sore from playing wii tennis...hilarious!
Jake was so cute and made a fun videos with all the grandchildren...they loved it!

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  1. I'm just now getting all caught up on checking up on blogs!! I love all the posts. You always look so amazing! Can I borrow your bangs? They seem to go where they are supposed to go.

    I've put your post about caroling up on our page now too!