Dec 28, 2009

Temple Square and Christmas Tree Decorating!

What's Christmas time without going to Temple Square at least once! We went with the fam to see Aubs perform and of course she did amazing! Tay and I kept throwing fist pumps for her and good thing we were in the back so we didn't annoy anyone behind us. :)
I love this addition to temple square...a little fuzzy in the picture, but gorgeous in real life.

Here is Tay pondering the true meaning of Christmas :)
So beautiful and magical!
The Colton family has a tradition of having all the grandchildren help decorate the "downstairs" tree. (the upstairs tree is for my mom to have fun with her decorating skills). Tay and I helped pass out the ornaments.

OH Rudy...sharing love with Taylor (the girl :)

Shelbie and Cali
Zac and her faces!

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