Jul 12, 2010

Happy Two Month!

I'm already two months old now! I've been a busy boy this summer! Here are a few things I love to do lately :) ...
I love to look around and just soak in the world around me!
I really love to smile and have been smiling every day which makes me parents VERY happy!
Daddy is making me laugh right here :)

Suck on my fist...mmmm yum!

Spit out my binky...who needs one anyway?

Sit in my bumbo chair and do my neck exercises...I'm getting so strong!

Stretch and stretch and stretch! (picture is a little blurry because I can't stay still)

I LOVE getting my diaper changed! (thanks mom for editing the picture a little :)

taking naps with my dad

laying out with my mom at 7 peaks (in the shade of course! :)

...and I also love running and biking with my mom and dad...

... and as usual I fall asleep on the way


  1. I love seeing your cute little family! You'll have to tell me about the awesome stroller you have! Scott cycles a lot and we've been looking for something like that he can pull behind his bike. We weren't sure how old the little guy would have to be before he could ride in one, but yours looks awesome!

  2. it's my favorite thing to exercise with isaac. he gets a ride and I get exercise! i used to walk hours with him when he was a couple months old because I knew he would sleep...

  3. Your baby is so cute! I hope that you are doing well and loving life. I wish I was in Utah and we could go on a ride. I am always looking for riding partners.



  4. Cami! Bridger is SO cute! I love those chubby cheeks. You all look great and so happy. I need to meet the little man!

  5. You guys are such a cute family! Bridger is so so so cute! Congrats on having such a handsome little guy!