Jul 23, 2010

Lake Powell!!

Hooray for Lake Powell! We love Lake Powell and were really excited to introduce Bridger to one of our favorite places :)
Tay balancing Bridger... look at his cute life jacket! A little too big for him but so cute!

Amber and sleeping Connor
I love my Dad and Mom! They are so good to keep these trips going to Lake Powell and we love them so much for it!

Jana and her sweet girls: Kimi and Cali
Zac and Rudy
Jeff holding Bridger boy
Out swimming to cool off!
Tay running up the sand dunes...hot hot hot! (him and the sand ;)
Here we are at night having a family devotional before bed. Some of my favorite Lake Powell moments are on top of the houseboat at night with millions of stars overhead and us talking about the gospel of Christ. Many fond testimony builders over the years for me.
Ticket to Ride Lake Powell style! :)

Bridger loved Lake Powell and was such a good baby boy!

Aubs and all the girls (I have such cute nieces!)

Rise and Shine! The sun was out nice and early every morning getting us out of bed (usually up around 5am!)
Bridger was always sleeping on the boat...he loved the lull of the boat and it rocked him right to sleep :)
We loved our camping spot and it was nice to have Dad and Brig's boats for all our skiing, wakeboarding, tubing etc fun!
sleep boy!
It was a good relaxer for us as new parents and fun to be with the family!
...until next year, beautiful Lake Powell!


  1. I still have yet to go to Lake Powell... :( One day! How'd Bridger do there?

  2. Love the pics ... want them for myself! :) Will I get a CD of all the pics soon? :) Great post ....

  3. Of course you are invited to the lake - you are family. Since we are all family why weren't we invited to your lake powell trip? It was for FAMILY!