Nov 28, 2010

Before we move on...

So I have a Thanksgiving post coming, but before we move on to that and on to Christmas, I wanted to post a few pics from November...
We went to the Griffins where I did a super fun craft with Megan and Tay and Bridger played with the boys (Dan, Axton, and Gabe). I'm so glad I was invited and loved doing this fall wreath.

So they got a few of the materials from a wholesale flower place, but most of them came from around Provo... up canyons and by the lake...who knew making a wreath that would be very expensive in a store ended up costing a total of 20 dollars to make?! So fun to make too!

So we finally gave Bridger a hair cut :) It was on his 6 month was sad to see some of those inches come off, but it was getting way too long on top and started looking like he had some kind of combover ;)

I have such a great husband and little boy! I feel so blessed.
So much to be thankful for!


  1. I love the wreath and the pictures of Bridger are so cute!!

  2. I hope my baby boy has that much hair ... I miss his cute little face :-)

  3. What a cute little family! Sure miss you guys! :)

  4. Cami that close-up picture of the wreath you made is AWESOME! It totally captures all of the different types of things that you put in there.

    It was so great to see you, Tay, and Bridger. I just can't get enough of that little guy - and Gabe thought he was just great!