Nov 19, 2010

Kokopelli Triathlon!

So this post is way overdue...We competed in this triathlon in mid September but I just got around to this. Lately everything on my blog has been centered around Bridger, but here's to celebrating our accomplishments too...

It's weird to think we will be 27 by the end of the year.
The boys started first so here I am with Bridger cheering Tay on for his swim...
Swam in the Sand Hollow's the boys starting the swim while the girls are getting ready to go...notice the pink swim caps
Tay you rock my world!
Here are the girls coming out...I'm somewhere in there...can't you see me? :)
Big smile...I'm just so glad the swim is over...not my favorite of the three
Tay and I coming into the transition area from the ride...they put one of the biggest steepest hills on that bike course I have ever ridden in my life! Whew!

Tay finishing up his run! (notice the man on the sideline admiring his five finger shoes :)
Good job boys! Shane Markham and Brent Rowland also did the triathlon for their first one and did an awesome job! The Rowlands, Vincents, Thomasons, and Shane Markham came down to St. George with us and it was so much fun! I wish I had more pictures of us just around at the condo etc.
I finished 13th in my age group...I was happy with my time, especially from still not feeling the greatest in shape from baby boy.
I was tired...Tay was definitely a huge support and helped me train, etc.
Medalists :)

Special thanks to our fan/support/amazing photgraphers club: Camellia Rowland, Kekoa and Alyssa Vincent. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the awesome pictures, taking care of Bridger and standing in the sun for hours. You are all amazing!
Alyssa and Lulu
Peace out...til next summer, triathlons!


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! I so wish I had been there instead of participating in a self help group I shouldn't have been in...HAHAHA! (Shane and I are still laughing about that!)

    I'll for sure be stealing much of this post. I need to get more pictures of Shane during this event...

    You guys are studs. You inspire us to work out!

  2. You guys did great! It was so much fun to watch, pure inspiration. (Especially you as a new mom!) Hopefully I can join the competitors next time around!- Camellia

  3. Cami, I am so impressed. We should get together this summer and run. Mitch and I are hoping to be back in Utah this summer.