Sep 8, 2011

Labor Day Fun

Happy Labor Day everyone! We had a fun labor day weekend starting with a fun hike up to Punchbowl falls. It was gorgeous! We were so happy to do it with Christine and Garrett and little cute Tommy as well. Even though all the boys ended up getting pretty tired, we all had a good time enjoying the beautiful weather and surroundings. Mason and Tommy both fell asleep for a little while too. Bridger was a trooper, even though he was tired, he sang (not too many recognizable words, but super cute jibberish in a sweet sing songy voice :) most of the way back which was quite entertaining.

 There was a ton of these trees covered in lush green moss and it was so pretty (you can't tell too well from the picture). 
 a little danger adds to the thrill of the hike
 Tay was originally holding Bridger and I was carrying Mason but for some reason it killed my back and when we switched I felt ten times better carrying Bridger (even though he was heavier the weight was more on my hips instead of back).
 a few look out points and we could see the river below's about time :)

Even though the water was freezing, Bridger loved playing in it (good thing I brought him an extra set of clothes :)

 Nothing is more manly than a man and his baby 

 On Labor Day we were invited to a BBQ with some friends in the ward. We appreciate the Cards for having us over and especially the Bishop for grilling all the meat. Here's some of us with our babies. (Me and Mason, Kira and Brooklyn and Christine and Tommy)

 Tay and Bridger
Tommy and Bridger loved being thrown high in the sky...Mason not so much haha look at that cute chubba face!

 I have the cutest boys and so grateful for their joy and love for life


  1. Cami! Your boys are absolutely beautiful!

  2. I love that picture of Mason being thrown up in the air. Your boys are too cute.