Sep 24, 2011

Photo Wall

 We've been busy lately with lots of fun projects so more future posts to come but here's one for photo wall. I didn't like these bland pantry cupboards that are taking up half of the kitchen so I decided to turn them into a work of art. I had a lot of fun with this project and Taylor of course was again a great help.

 We first covered them with butcher paper (I am renting and don't want to ruin anything of course). We then mod podged a ton of black and white family pictures onto the top half. At first I was going to do the whole thing, but Bridger kept trying to peel the pictures off haha. So plan B turned out to be way better in the end...
 ...Chalkboard paint! We put it on the lower half for Bridger to draw to his heart's content and we can write fun messages on it to each other as well :)

 I love our photo wall! It's a fun way to keep many memories close by and I catch myself often just staring at it as I'm eating my cereal or whatever else I'm doing while sitting at the kitchen table.
 Last but not least we put up a little saying in Norwegian (where Tay served his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Can you guess what it says? If you guess Families are Forever you are wrong haha (the usual guess). It says, "Because two people fell in love"...
 Yep...a project we all ended up loving



    You are a really creative gal! I love that the bottom part is for the boys (yep, I think "boy" includes Tay).

    Did you print the pictures yourself or have them printed at Costco or something?