Sep 20, 2011

Wahoo Zoo!

 The problem with taking way more pictures than is humanly possible, is that it's hard to choose which ones to put on the blog...therefore lots n lots o pictures :) Enjoy our trips to the zoo in Utah (before we moved of course) and here in Portland...
 We went with lots of family and had a blast. We were practically a zoo within a zoo. Bridger LOVED seeing all the animals! His first time to the zoo... and Mason's first too of course, but he mostly slept.

 Connor, Brady, and Bridger

 me mom and amber

 debbie bridger and steve

 Now whenever we ask Bridger what a giraffe says he sticks out his tongue haha

 The following pictures are from our trip to the zoo in Portland with the Harris family (Tay's mission companion) and had such a great time... we even got season passes!

 He was a little more awake for this trip :)
 A little tribute to our Alma Mater's mascot
 The zoo had so many fun things for Bridger to play on, including a fun tractor and wooden horsies

 I had to add a couple of his modeling shots for me...the boy is a natural 

 A little treasure Tay and I found...very pertinent to our lives don't you think?


  1. I love that last sign. And I love "the boy is a natural." So, so cute!! Much love to you!

  2. Miss you guys! LOVE your family pic at the top :)