Oct 3, 2011

Is he amazing or is he amazing?!

 Here are the new furniture pieces that Taylor made for me in September. It took him about a week or so and wow can I say he is so talented! And speaking of talented, he didn't even follow any instructions but made up his own plans! 
here are the beginnings...

 here with the stain (I got to pick the stain and the hardware :) and the drawers getting put in...

 The finished product! Our console and buffet all done and so pretty! 

 I love that my husband can do whatever he puts his mind to...now on to making more furniture...I have quite a list for him haha


  1. That is so awesome! What a great talent, furniture is so expensive these days.

  2. Wow! Ask him if I can add to the list! JK Very talented.

  3. AMAZING! love the color you chose! Those are so cute & I love the style of them!

  4. Those are beautiful! Way to go Taylor.

  5. You two are the craftiest (word I just made up) people I know... Nice job!