Oct 20, 2011

Funny Moments

 We were over at Christine and Garrett's place and they just gave Tommy a bath. Moments later we found that Bridger snuck into the tub enjoying a little bath as well. We all had a good laugh.
Hopefully this doesn't gross anyone out, but it's reality...let's just say I have been producing a lot of milk and here is my treasure trove. It literally takes up the whole freezer haha.
My boys in twin pink polos. Some may think it's kind of funny but I think it's adorable!
Bridger sometimes wishes he was a baby again...they are so cute together :)

You may be a little concerned for Bridger in first looking at this picture, but don't worry, he's just fine...he is looking through the little cracks between the boards to watch the kids that live below us playing with their legos. It's adorable and it's awesome for me because it occupies a lot of his time.

We've mostly had sunny days, but just the last couple of weeks had more rain and we got Bridger some super cute matching rain boots and rain jacket. We are gearing up for the Oregon rain!

...oh the little things that entertain us...like stickers on tummys :) 
Last but not least...let's just say someone knows how to "plank" real well 


  1. I love your treasure trove, Cami!! And Bridger's little way of spying on the "lego neighbors" has to be one of the CUTEST things I have ever seen. I can't stop smiling about this.

  2. Those boys are getting too big! I miss them (and you and Taylor, of course!)