Jan 12, 2012

Christmas Eve

 Every year our friends, the Maughan family, present a kindness award to someone who lives an exemplary life. This year they gave it to my parents and it was really neat to see them come and present it. I also am grateful for the great examples that my parents are and love them so much!
 It was fun for Bridger and Mason to get to know Jake a little better since we never get to see him (he lives in Chicago). We love you Jake and miss you already!
 This is how my pictures go a lot of the time whenever I try to get them to sit by each other.
 The usual Christmas Eve Arby's dinner...don't we all love family traditions!
 It was so cute to see Brady and Bridger "help" decorate the gingerbread house...let's just say there was a lot of candy eaten in the process ;)

 ...I even got a shot of one of the candy's Bridger contributed to the house!

 We split up in teams to decorate the houses and there's lots of kids on both sides so it's funny that there's hardly ever any space left on the house. That's the best way to decorate a gingerbread house.

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