Jan 12, 2012

Christmas Festivities

 The Christmas Party with my Grandpa Richards had to be at a Church this year because we've grown in numbers so much! It was like we had our own ward party there were so many people there. I love having a big family and it was so fun to see everyone!

 (haha I can see you Aly :)

 Bridger had a blast playing with all the kids too
Bridger and Mason having fun with all the "new" toys at Grandma and Grandpa Colton's house
 Don't ask me what he's thinking but it was funny 
 Playing with Grandpa and Grandma Weight too

 Our cute little santa boy!
 Tub time with Tommy... so fun for all the boys...except Mason right here...I don't know how much he was enjoying it haha

 ...and we also went to Temple Square...here we all are before we head out...all bundled up! (I think we chose one of the coldest nights to go of course.)

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