Apr 4, 2011

Matchy Matchy

 Christine and Garrett and their little baby boy Thomas came out for his baby blessing and it was so fun to see them together. It gave me a little bit of a foreshadowing of what it will be like with baby boy #2.
 Look how cute they are in their baby matching pjs. We had to work hard to keep Bridger from wrestling Thomas. 

He gave him the sweetest kiss when he was all sad. Hopefully he will be nice and sweet with his own little baby brother. :)


  1. I swear...Bridger has to be one of the cutest baby boys EVER!! So, so cute! Could only hope that I might have a kid even an inkling as cute as him!

  2. K I haven't checked out your blog in a while and it was so so fun to get caught up on your life! Congratulations on baby #2. That is a pretty crazy story and so funny that you were already half way when you found out you were prego! i cannot wait to see this little baby! loves