Apr 10, 2011


The whole month of March was dedicated to this...an ABC quiet book! Something I've been wanting to make for a long time. It was fun to have help from Tay and my mother in law also made the cover (last picture) which turned out awesome. My sister, Amber also made one with me and we had lots of fun figuring out what we wanted for each letter. 
A: Animals (finger puppets :)   
B: Buckle                            C: Clock (hands move) 
D: Dolls (lots of fun matching outfits to snap on the dolls)

E: Eggs (snap the matching color/texture with each egg)
F: Flowers (button on the petals)
 G: Gumballs (velcro gumballs)
H: Hands (put your hands inside)
I: Ice cream (snap on the flavors)
J: Jewels (match the shape of jewel and velcro on)
K: Kite (braid the tail)              L: Laces (lace the shoe)
M: Mailbox (write a note and put the flag up and down)
 N: Numbers (velcro on and count or put any combo on :)
O: Ocean (move the fish back and forth)
P: Picnic (take off the basket, open, and set up the blanket and dishes)
Q: Quilt (weave in and out and button)  R: Robot (move the arms/legs)
S: Seasons (snap on the season...I put on some of each one below...
                              T: Train (hook/unhook and move around the cars)
U: Umbrella (move the raindrops up and down)  V: Vest (button vest)
W: Wheels (rotate wheels around)            X: X marks the spot...
...you can take off the map and lace from each landmark following the key (landmarks can be rotated)
Y: Yummy (eat the fruits and veggies in the bowl and enjoy...notice the tribute to our alma mater)
Z: Zippers (have fun zipping and unzipping)
Outside case and front and back inside covers. Case made by Debbie and Taylor (a big thanks to them!). The tongue of the frog rolls in and out (has 2011 C. W. written on it). C. W. for Cami Weight :) Back cover has upper and lower case alphabet in pockets and can put them on the velcro to spell things or sing the ABC's. 
...and there it is...walah! A lot of work but I hope my children someday all enjoy it.


  1. That is AWESOME!! If your kids don't enjoy it--I know I would! Always need something to keep me entertained in church :) So very AWESOME! Great job!!

  2. INCREDIBLE!!! I'm gonna have to steal some of your ideas...if you don't mind! :)

  3. Oh cami this looks amazing. So fun and creative, your kids will absolutely love it! You've totally motivated me to start working on mine again, I'm only to letter M...

  4. You are so impressive! I just bought a quiet church book because I don't think I could ever do all that. It looks so cute!

  5. Cami, that's the most amazing quiet book I've ever seen! That will be a family heirloom! Did you think of all the ideas yourself or have a pattern? I want to make one just like yours. I hope you're feeling great with baby #2 coming soon! See you at Skip's shower!

  6. Wwwwwwhhhhhhhhhooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Seriousy, Cami. Amazin'.

  7. Thanks everyone! Julie, to answer your question, I made it up as I went along with a lot of planning and some peeks at different quiet books to give me ideas of things I might want to do for mine. It was fun doing it, but a lot of work. I would definitely recommend it but don't rush it like me and you'll enjoy making it more. (I rushed because my sister is out here visiting and we wanted to finish before she left and I wanted to get it done before baby 2 ;)

  8. WOW! I am so impressed, Cami! I have had that on my to-do list for a couple years now, and I even have the supplies, but I still have yet to make one. You have inspired me to get it to the top of my project list. :) I only wish I would have made it when I only had one little one, and more time on my hands. Smart girl you are! :)

  9. Another amazing craft! I want play with it. You never cease to amaze with your talents and ideas!

  10. wow, that is the best quiet book I've ever seen! and I thought I had a good one. cute stuff you've made. Tay is super impressive--I'm waiting to see how the bed turns out!

  11. Stunning! It looks like so much love and work went into that! I love your cover and the way it zips up tight. You have to share how you did the basket on the picnic page! I was sent your link by our mutual friend, Marie Newman, because she knows I'm obsessed with quiet books. :) You did a fantastic and beautiful job. Here's a link to all my quiet book posts on my sister's and my craft blog: http://shannon-shanshenanigans.blogspot.com/search/label/Quiet%20Book

    Congratulations! It's perfect.

  12. Here's our blog link too... shannon-shanshenanigans.blogspot.com/

  13. So cute! Love it! Great job!