Apr 21, 2011

Wood Crafts

 I have been having fun doing different crafts with wood...which means lots of wonderful help from my loving husband who cuts and sands all the wood for me. Here are some Christmas stocking hangers with our initials on them...
 D for Dad 
 M for Mom
 B for Bridger
 ? for the baby...not sure on the name yet so I'll add the initial later
 This Valentines craft was a fun surprise from my sister. When she came out to visit she brought this for us to do. The wood was already cut out we just had to mod podge some cute paper on and put it all together.

 Love Bug :)
 Now this one was my favorite and Tay did an awesome job with cutting out the wood. I just designed the letters and drew them on some wood in pencil and Tay cut them all out for me.

Happy Easter! (also mod podged some really cute paper on...mod podge is a good friend of mine :)
 ...and another post to come... Tay is making us a king size bed! I'm grateful to have a husband who loves wood work and helping me with crafts and fun projects for our house etc.


  1. Taylor really is good at cutting the wood! Did he take any classes for it? does the last one say "Hoppy" Easter? I like that very much :)

  2. Hey thanks! Yes Tay is very good but it's natural talent ...(no classes). and yes I couldn't resist it says Hoppy Easter :)

  3. You and all of your nesting projects! Each of those projects look so professional. You could sell all these things you make...