Apr 28, 2011

Easter? What's that?

 Bridger was definitely new to this whole Easter thing. He slowly warmed up to it (especially as we gave him a few tastes of candy) and just looked at us like we were crazy to be so excited about it all.

 ...Trying to figure it all out and I think it clicked once we took the wrapper off of the chocolate egg...

 Happy Easter Everyone!
 Spending the Saturday before Easter with the Weight family in Brigham City. 
 Sunday spent with my family. Bridger playing with the other boys (Connor and Brady).
 Once again just a little confused (and tired since it was time for his morning nap). He did gather some candy and put it in his basket although most of the time he stuck it in his mouth with the wrapper on. Here he's watching his older cousin, Connor, gather the candy. You can see the wheels turning in his little mind.

 So cute!
Maybe next year he will be able to show his little brother how it's all supposed to work. :)


  1. He looks so worried in every picture haha. At least he didn't have to sit on a scary Easter bunnies lap. Who got him that awesome looking plaid shirt and gray pants??? :-)

  2. Cute pictures! Um I am in LOVE with his hair! It is so adorable. And you are amazing with all these crafts you do. Good job!

  3. Wow! Cami, seriously he is so stinkin' cute! I bet if I could've introduced him to some REAL easter bunnies of mine, he'd of been hooked! :)

  4. That's so funny how confused he was. He's so cute! And I love your crafts from the last post!

  5. He has grown up SO much! And his hair is adorable! Man, I want a little boy! :) Good luck in this final stretch!