Apr 13, 2011

Snow or Shine

 Bridger has had an obsession with being outside. I guess you could say he gets it from his parents. If he's not outside, he's longingly looking outside...hoping and waiting for when we can go out.

 Since lately we've had some pretty snowy days, we've gone out those days too. He loves playing in the snow.

 Sometimes he likes to taste it too :)
 We've especially been enjoying the sunny days and Bridger absolutely loves every minute of it!


  1. those are some cute photos, I just want to kiss the man.

  2. He's so cute!! Can I have him?? Or will you provide me one just like him?

  3. That is the cutest snow suit!! I love the caption about him tasting the snow. HAHAHA!

    Bridger is so cute! Seriously - keep up the good work ;)

  4. i cannot believe how adorable your boy is! Holy smokes.

  5. Look at those little blonde curls! I am loving his hair.